Jennifer B.

"I have worked with Arkeif for almost two years – both in one-on-one personal weight training sessions and in group pilates classes. Arkeif is an inimitable professional, expert in his craft, and incredibly knowledgeable about fitness, weight training, and pilates. He quickly understood my goals, identified my strengths and weaknesses, and designed an individualized training program that was challenging, but never more than I could handle. Through consistent weight training and pilates classes, reinforcing the benefit of each to the other, and positive feedback and encouragement, Arkeif has motivated me to continue pushing past my perceived limits and achieve results. Because of Arkeif, I can now deadlift almost twice my body weight, push 700 pounds on a prowler, and do 10 pullups. I couldn’t even do one pullup when I met him! Arkeif’s knowledge and dedication have given me more energy, confidence, and, quite frankly, some great muscles that I frequently get compliments about. He is a consummate trainer and pilates instructor whose rigorous approach and genuine care for his clients and their health set the standard to which all trainers should be held."