Siobhan C.

I cannot live without Arkeif- he is incredible! I can’t imagine where I would be without him! He is a truly talented trainer/teacher. Arkeif is extremely dedicated to body training and super creative in his approach- clearly realizing that we all have different bodies and goals for our training. Arkeif is incredibly challenging, but his approach is so inspired and energetic, that time flies during my workouts with him and I end feeling true accomplishment. Arkeif makes me want to get off the computer and into the gym! I have now been working consistently with Arkeif for more than 1.5 years. My quest to find an excellent trainer was fueled by a few different reasons. When I was young, I was a reasonable athlete- sprinter, gymnast, but never a huge fan of the gym.  In my later years, I ran regularly and did Bikram yoga. However, my knee began giving me so many problems from running and my shoulder from an old accident, that these activities were no longer possible. In addition to my injuries, I realized that I needed to gain strength in more muscle groups as my exercise regimens were pretty limited in scope. This was particularly apparent to me as I am a scientist and I specifically study the molecular mechanisms governing exercise adaptation. Because I am constantly writing and thinking about the benefits of exercise and muscle metabolism for aging-related disease prevention (both skeletomuscular and cardiovascular), I realized I needed to fully practice what I constantly preach. Therefore, I needed to find someone to help me not only recover from my injuries, but gain strength in all parts of my body.  Initially I was hesitant about the idea of working with a trainer for a couple of reasons- I question everything, do not love the gym, and do not like repetitive tasks. As with everything I do and think, I need to know “why”, “how”, and “what is the mechanism”. To this point, Arkeif is particularly adept: he has such a vast knowledge base (personal training, Pilates, muscle activation, jiu jitsu and muay thai) coupled with a deep genuine curiosity about how the body works, moves and is connected to our minds, that he is able to be incredibly thoughtful, creative, and fulfilling in his workout strategies. In fact, in the whole time I have worked with him, I don’t think I ever have done the same work-out routine twice!  Arkeif constantly challenges me, but in a way that keeps me engaged and cognizant of the progress I am making. Arkeif is particularly incredible as he pays attention to excruciating detail. He always asks how I am feeling when I start, but most importantly, he is super vigilant during our workouts and notices any little tweak in my body and can immediately adjust the exercises. In fact, I often witness in real-time the creation of an “Arkeif exercise” where I can see him thinking about how to activate a difficult muscle group and coming up with a brand-new set of exercises to reach that particular muscle group. I think he needs to write a book and document his unique workout strategies! I am happy to report that due to Arkeif’s training, I am now able to run again and my shoulder will even allow me to do pullups On a personal note, in addition to being an amazing teacher and trainer, Arkeif is a wonderful human being- someone you want to be friends with and get to know better- always interesting, amicable, and deeply kind! I feel so lucky to have found Arkeif!