Azi I.

"I started personal training with Arkeif about 8 months ago and it was one of the best fitness decisions I could have made. To give some background, I have a patellar tracking issue in both knees but especially in my right knee. This started to worsen and become very painful about 4 years ago when I was training for a half marathon. I had multiple visits to an orthopedic doctor, several steroid injections, months of physical therapy, and worked with other personal trainers. All of these things would help temporarily, but then my knee would inevitably flare up again. Each time this happened, I had to take time completely off from working out which led to a lot of discouragement. In the midst of my last knee flare up this past summer, I realized Arkeif was available for personal training sessions. I was excited to find this out as he was a trainer for group fitness classes offered at my gym, and I always enjoyed the challenge/variety of his classes and how motivating and inspiring he was. I knew he had a lot of knowledge and experience with injury and also that he had been doing quite a bit of studying on muscle activation techniques. I decided to give the personal training sessions another try and I am so happy that I did. Arkeif integrates the perfect combination of rehab, strength training, conditioning, and core work in each of our sessions. I am truly impressed with how much knowledge he has about fitness in general and regarding muscle activation. He can tailor a workout to my exact needs for the day, which is an excellent quality for a trainer to have. My leg muscles are stronger than they have been in years, which has made my knee feel the most normal it has in years. Do I still have knee pain sometimes? Yes, but this is the nature of a chronic injury and Arkeif is always so positive and reminds me to be patient and persistent. He provides me with challenging workouts which have not only made me physically and mentally stronger, but also has given me confidence in myself. I am so very grateful to have him as a trainer."